Fring’s Back: ‘Better Call Saul’ Teases a Scarily Happy Return to Los Pollos Hermanos


Better Call Saul has been insinuating the return of Breaking Bad‘s deceptively kind-eyed and rather callous fast food/meth entrepreneur, Gus Fring, for quite a while. Now, this Tweet/accompanying teaser should pretty much confirm that there’ll be a lot more Pollos Hermanos, and a lot more fear, via a lot more Fring, in Season 3 of the prequel series. Anyway, Giancarlo Esposito, who played Gus on Breaking Bad, tweeted:

Yes, not only does this suggest that Gus will be returning, but that the series could refocus enough on him to trace his rise. Unlike Walter White, who at this point in time is still just a nice chemistry teacher, it’d totally make sense for Fring to appear in the criminal world Saul Goodman is beginning to play around in with more and more ease.

The teaser — which is just an ad for Fring’s restaurant, featuring Fring himself — concludes with a simultaneously inviting and totally menacing slogan: “Los Pollos Hermanos: Taste the Family.” Though AMC hasn’t officially given stated confirmation of the character’s return, this whole video would be pretty odd — and downright rude — if were anything but that. Not to mention the fact that all of last season’s episode titles’ first letters, as fans ultimately noticed, could be arranged as: Fring’s Back. And that Peter Gould confirmed this wasn’t a crazy fluke, telling Vanity Fair last year:

We had this—to us—this very bright idea of encoding the words “Fring’s Back” in the episode titles. We worked very hard; more than that, the folks in our office, Jenn Carroll and Ariel Levine, worked very, very hard trying to help us figure that out. And we thought we’d be revealing it maybe sometime over the summer. I guess we really underestimated the genius and hard work of our fans.