Fiona Apple Contributes to “Tiny Hands” Anti-Trump Chant for Women’s March


Hundreds of thousands of people of all genders will be marching and protesting the Inauguration around the country this Saturday, with the largest group in Washington, D.C. But what to chant, and what signs to bring? These are the big questions dogging those of us who will take to the streets, eager to be both passionate and clever in our dissent.

Coming to the aid of the slogan-bereft is none other than Fiona Apple, who already contributed an anti-Trump Christmas ditty. In this case, she appears on a short track by musician Michael Whalen, chanting: “We don’t want your tiny hands/ anywhere near our underpants.” There’s also a refrain of Trump himself saying “grab ’em by the pussy in the intro and outro. The whole thing is odd to say the least, but powerful too — Apple is a sexual assault survivor.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some of this weekend’s marchers take up Apple’s cry. For now, take a listen.