Watch Abbi and Ilana Gear Up for the Inauguration in a New ‘Broad City’ Video


Armed with a butterfly knife and mace, Abbi and Ilana prepare for the presidential inauguration in a Broad City online video released today.

Abbi and Ilana are all geared up to take to the streets, but Abbi’s stuck in an elevator with a conspicuous red rash on her upper lip. “It was the last voucher for my laser hair removal,” she explains via FaceTime. “It’s about to get I Am Legend up in here,” Ilana counters. “You’re gonna need those pubes for warmth.”

The best part? When Abbi says, “We’re T-minus 60 seconds till Trump is inaugurated,” the word “Trump” is bleeped out. Ilana tells Abbi to stay calm and meet her somewhere as soon as the elevator starts working again. “Maybe where that dude tried to grab your pussy.” “I hate that spot,” Abbi says, “but ok.”

As the clock ticks away, the women profess their love for each other and go over their Krav Maga training. Then they each get a push notification that he’s been sworn in, and a symphony of cursing begins. Watch the full video below; Broad City returns for a fourth season this summer.

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