Tim Heidecker Has Written a Song About the Glorious Punching of Richard Spencer


In case you missed it, white supremacist National Policy Institute President/coiner of the term “alt-right” Richard Spencer got punched this weekend in Washington, D.C. And because this country is so rife with injustice, this tiny moment of meme-able comeuppance was seen around much of the non-Neo-Nazi twitterverse as a gift/GIF from the universe.

The universe giveth Neo Nazis, and occasionally puncheth them while they’re being interviewed in the middle of the sidewalk (or at least an anarchist seemingly OD-ing on 5 Hour Energy shots did.) Since then, many — perhaps even friends of yours on social media — have said that it’s bad to celebrate violence towards anyone, regardless of what hate groups they represent or whether they lead white nationalist rallies with Nazi salutes with an updated, “Hail Trump.” (Spencer claims to not be a neo-Nazi, despite doing shit like that, in the video in which he gets punched.) But many counter that the occasional punching of a neo-Nazi is wholly merited given that the neo-Nazi ethos boils down to propagating qualms about the existence of entire races/ethnicities. (Or, as Spencer’s called it: “peaceful ethnic cleansing.”)

Tim & Eric’s Tim Heidecker clearly numbers among those who are all for the punching of Nazis; he has, in fact, been so inspired by The Punch that he’s written a song stating his approval thereof. Heidecker’s song is simply titled “Richard Spencer,” and describes the big event of the 20th of January, i.e. the punch. (And, oh right, I guess the inauguration as well.) He sings as the voice of God in this piano ballad, saying “Hey, you can’t wish anyone dead/Even if their baseball cap is red/But if you see Richard Spencer/Why don’t you punch him in the head?”

Meanwhile, as Pitchfork notes, rapper/friend of Bernie Sanders/one half of Run the Jewels Killer Mike tweeted one of the many set-to-song versions of the punching video — this one set to the Run the Jewels track, “Blockbuster Night Part 1.”

When he was criticized for this on social media, he responded with a series of Tweets: