Talented Actor Snubs Dimwitted Talk Show Host After Misogynist Tweets


Piers Morgan, famous mansplainer, transphobe and occasional outspoken moron, has been having trouble with his feelings of emasculation due to the fantastically successful Women’s March this weekend. He took to both Twitter and a completely incoherent Daily Mail column to whine about “rabid feminists” and demand a Men’s March (here’s a concise, accurate summary of the aforementioned column: “March good but Madonna yelling bad which means feminism bad, but feminism good, me better feminist than women but no, march bad, mean angry women, wahhh, wahh, wahh.”).

On Twitter, Morgan was even more nasty. Note the new avatar Morgan is sporting on his Twitter account: himself being embraced by The Donald.

As a result of Morgan’s hissy fit, he was subjected to a barrage of mockery by comedian Patton Oswalt with a #MensMarch hashtag that caught on rapidly.

Even worse, however, for a brown-noser like Morgan, this morning he was snubbed by extremely attractive and talented megastar Ewan McGregor, who wasn’t amused by the host’s recent spate of sexism and decided not to drop by and chat.

It turns out McGregor’s daughters were part of the protests on Saturday, so naturally the actor was offended.

Morgan fired back with a column calling McGregor the “Kim Jong-Un” of Hollywood because an actor storming out of a studio is absolutely equivalent to a dictator who sends people to concentration camps. Morgan’s one fair point — that McGregor and other celebs should speak out against Roman Polanski if they’re so concerned about assault — unfolded in a typically trollish way: he used Polanski’s guilt to absolve Trump rather than to condemn Polanski.

Look, the fact that this blowhard has the kind of massive public forum he does is one of the great injustices of a deeply unjust world. He’s a thin-skinned, shallow-minded, self-obsessed bigot with a victim complex. But then again, we just elected one of those types to be the leader of the free world. So maybe we get the pundits we deserve.