Cate Blanchett Begins an Apolitical Improv Game that Very Quickly Turns to Trump


Last night on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon had Cate Blanchett as a guest. As Flavorwire’s own Jason Bailey just wrote, Blanchett’s most recent film project — initially an installation, but now also a feature film that screened at Sundance — sees the actress re-contextualizing 20th century artist manifestos as different characters in everyday settings, in “a bravura acting exercise.”” On the Tonight Show of all places, she got yet another chance to do similar work when she was prompted to apply assorted social contexts to an “Emotional Interview” with the talk-show host. And while Fallon may frustratingly shy away from being too critical of politicians (unless you consider a noogie proper criticism) — Blanchett didn’t seem to want to focus the exercise on much beyond Trump.

Prompted to speak as someone who “gives bad advice,” she nonchalantly recommended Fallon give all of the money in his savings account to Trump. Then, as someone “trying out new laughs,” she continued to talk about the numerous times his company filed for corporate bankruptcy — while oddly snorting. Then as someone using “too many metaphors,” she managed to weave bankruptcy back into it (technically as a simile.)

Watch the clip: