Shia LaBoeuf Arrested During Trump Protest, Allegedly for Nazi-Punching


In Queens, Shia LaBeouf has been staging a typically outside-the-box protest against the former reality TV star who now holds high office, a continuous livestream that has become the target of real-life trolls. After an altercation with one such fellow, he got arrested and Twitter is up in arms, crying out via the #Freeshia hashtag.

The Times report on the arrest doesn’t go into details of the altercation, just mentions that there was one:

Mr. LaBeouf was arrested just after 12.30 a.m. and charged with misdemeanor assault and with harassment, according to Detective Adam Navarro of the New York City Police Department. He was issued a desk appearance ticket and instructed to come to court on April 4. He was not jailed. Detective Navarro said that the police were called after Mr. LaBeouf got into an argument with another man at the installation, pulled off the man’s scarf and, in the process, scratched his face. The man did not need to be hospitalized, the detective said.

But the report put out by LaBeouf’s website and circulating widely online is that the altercation was a Nazi-punching incident, which is why the actor — who is Jewish — has become the hero du jour of #theresistance. Always be punching Nazis.