Watch: ‘Catfight’ Trailer Reveals Sandra Oh and Anne Heche Having the Titular Battle — Many Times Over


Applesauce director Onur Tukel’s latest dose of brutal — literally — gender/class satire sees Sandra Oh and Anne Heche attacking each other and drastically altering each other’s New York society statuses many times over. Throughout the just-released trailer for the film, we see the two not only throwing punches at one another, but it’s revealed that each of three fights we’re shown results in a shift in class and social standing for the rivals: the nonchalant viciousness of the steeply hierarchic city explodes, here, in these fights — one of which the trailer reveals even leaves Sandra Oh’s character comatose for two years.

The film debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival, where Indiewire praised its leads and said “Tukel’s witty inversion of the buddy movie formula — set in an embellished world riddled by wartime dysfunction — has some legitimate ideas about the way feuds can last so long that neither side remembers what they’re fighting over.”

Heche and Oh play former classmates; Oh’s character leads a high-society life in Soho, living with her defense contractor husband (The Comeback‘s Damian Young) and son, while Heche is a struggling artist living with — and off of — her partner (played by Alicia Silverstone), and working an occasional catering job for money — which is where she runs into, and eventually beats up, Oh’s character, thus beginning the years-long titular fight. Also, Tituss Burgess appears in the trailer as a physical therapist, helping Oh recover from Heche-inflicted wounds.

Watch the trailer: