New Year’s Resolutions: Kill Your Social Media Self


Tired of your online life? Want to see the actual sky again? Talk to real people using your words? Feeling lost in a sea of code? Just kill your(digital)self! Suicide Machine 2.0 will delete all of your online connections for you — Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn — while you watch on with glee. Supposedly, online death done this way is much cleaner than just deactivating your accounts — it’s more likely to deleted cached information as you defriend everyone you know one by one. And when it comes to suicide, the cleaner the better — but be careful. Once you click commit, there’s no going back. Check out the how-to video after the jump!

How to get on with the killing:

Note: Apparently, Facebook is trying its hardest to keep you alive — recent attempts to access the Suicide Machine open with this message:

After more than 50.000 friends being unfriended and more than 500 forever “signed-out” users, Facebook started to block our suicidemachine from their servers without any comment! We are currently looking in ways to circumvent this ungrounded restriction imposed on our service!

Looks like somebody’s feeling a little threatened…