Watch the Teaser for ‘Claws,’ the Upcoming Niecy Nash-Starring Series About a Florida Nail Salon


The Rashida Jones executive produced TNT series Claws now has a teaser trailer. After tantalizing shots of gold shellacked and rhinestone crusted cuticles, the teaser introduces viewers to Desna, the proprietor of the nail salon at the center of the series, played by Reno 911 and Getting On‘s Niecy Nash. Between the title, the nails, and the Niecy, we’re off to a very good start.

The teaser for the 10-episode first season (which’ll arrive sometime this Summer) gives us glimpses into the other main characters in the series, which centers on five women (Desna included) who work in the salon. The rest are shown in momentary flashes here, while Desna says some caring/threatening proprietary things in voiceover.

Per Entertainment Weekly , the other characters include Polly, now out of prison after having committed identity theft; Virginia, who’s just described as someone who “finds her job boring”; Jennifer, a now-sober former partier; a security guard who goes by Quiet Ann. The trailer also, in its fast cuts, reveals a few things indicating, gasp, illegal activity. And it turns out the salon is in cahoots with a nearby gang-run pain clinic.

Watch the trailer: