Samantha Bee on Trump’s Definitely-Not-a-Muslim-Ban, Nope, No Way


On last night’s episode of Full Frontal, Samantha Bee took aim at Trump’s “not-a-Muslim-ban Muslim ban,” focusing on the confusion surrounding the hastily signed executive order on Monday barring all travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries and temporarily suspending the country’s refugee program.

Soon after the mayhem spread to airports throughout the country and dominated the news cycle, Trump, of course, moved up the announcement of his SCOTUS pick from Thursday to Tuesday. But as Bee says, this was a sorry attempt at distracting the public. “We’re not cable news — we’re Americans, and we would like a word.”

She cuts to a montage of news programs attempting to sift through a mountain of disinformation. “Give Trump some credit,” Bee quips of the chaos unleashed by the executive order. “It was the of Islamophobia.”