American Politics Today: Donald Trump Uses Prayer Breakfast to Snipe at Arnold Schwarzenegger, Who Uses Twitter to Snipe Back


Today’s installment of Tiny-Fingered Donald’s Big Adventure in the White House started with the National Prayer Breakfast, a solemn and devout occasion that our solemn and devout President used to discuss … the ratings of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s TV show. CNN’s report describes the scene:

Trump, who lauded the six-decade long traditional gathering as a “testament to the power of faith” was introduced by Mark Burnett, the television producer who teamed up with Trump to create The Apprentice … Trump left the show … in 2015 as he explored a presidential run and Burnett replaced him with Schwarzenegger, the movie star and former California governor. “We know how that turned out,” Trump said, knocking Schwarzenegger. “The ratings went right down the tubes. It has been a disaster.” [He] then turned to the audience and said: “I want to just pray for Arnold … for those ratings.”

Schwarzenegger responded via Twitter:

And yes, folks, that’s where we’re at with American politics in 2017: reporting on a feud between Arnold Schwarzenegger (formerly the governor of California, somehow) and Donald Trump (currently the goddamn President, somehow.)

Imagine being able to travel back in time and tell that to, say, the 1997 version of yourself. Oh, and also, if you’re wondering, America’s evangelical community, known for unflinching devotion to their religious principles and morality, will probably be fine with this — they only tend to get upset when Presidents use this occasion to discuss actual real questions of religion. If there is a god, we can only hope that she will somehow extricate us from this mess before Donald’s Big Adventure ends by accidentally catalyzing a nuclear holocaust.

But hey, those ratings, right?