The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with Kristen Stewart


Kristen Stewart, the Twilight star turned indie darling, hosted SNL last evening. She laughed at Donald Trump’s obsession with her love life, reminded America that she is “so gay,” and looked extremely uncomfortable in high heels — but not before dropping an F-bomb right in the monologue. See how it all went down last night, below.

The Best

“Oval Office Cold Open”

Alec Baldwin’s face deserves a Golden Globe. Our new nickname for Steve Bannon might be Skeletor, but we don’t want to insult the He-Man character.

“Kristen Stewart Monologue”

An F-bomb always wins the “best” category. Also, can we keep K-Stew out of the high heels? Her James Dean look is best.

“Welcome Video”

The future.

“Dry Fridays”

Pop that hat back on, Courtney.

“Totinos with Kristen Stewart”

We didn’t think it was possible to take the “Totinos” sketch to the next level, but here we are. Best of the night.

“Sean Spicer Press Conference”

“Meet Cute”

Every romcom.

The Worst

“Weekend Update”

IRBEM. (I’d rather be eating mofongo.)

“Celebrity Family Feud: Super Bowl Edition”

Proof once again that the Super Bowl isn’t funny. Thank goodness for Kate McKinnon’s Justin Bieber.

“Golden Ticket”

Felt like a throwaway.

Musical Guest: Alessia Cara