Sad!: Trump’s Super Bowl Interview Ratings Dwarfed by Obama’s


As it’s become apparent that television ratings are the only thing that actually matters to the soulless husk of a fascist fuck currently inhabiting the White House, this is worth mentioning: Donald Trump’s first pre-Super Bowl interview as President drew significantly fewer viewers than those of his predecessor Barack Obama. For the most succinct summary of this news, allow me to call upon my distinguished colleague, Mr. Muntz:

Here are a few more of the glorious details, per Variety : The so-called President drew a 7.8 household rating in the overnight metered market ratings, failing to measure up to the 9.2, 10.2, and 11.5 pulled by Obama’s last three pre-Game sit-downs. Of course, the really fun number is the comparison to Obama’s first Super Bowl talk, back in 2009: that scored a 9.6 rating, 23% larger than Trump’s figure.

It is also worth reiterating here that Trump’s inauguration received lower ratings than Obama’s first, and that he saw far lower attendance on the ground at that event than his predecessor. It is worth restating these facts, because the comparisons are clearly driving Trump crazy. Plus, Obama’s approval rating was at 76% at this point in his presidency; Trump’s is at 44%, the lowest of the modern era. Oh, and he got 6.5 million more votes than Trump in 2008, and 3 million more in 2012. Also, we’ve heard Obama’s hands are much larger than Trump’s, but that’s not yet confirmed. Anyway, enjoy the forthcoming rage tweets!