Samantha Bee on the “Dystopian Hell Pits of Lawlessness” That Are Sanctuary Cities


Give the 45th some credit, Samantha Bee insists; he’s completed his first 100 days in office “in a record 19 days.” (“Parents, I beg you,” she added, “don’t starve your children of approval.”) While the country — the world, really — has been wringing its hands over the travel ban, which is now winding its way up to the Supreme Court, Bee took aim at another controversy sweeping through the nation on last night’s episode of Full Frontal: The battle between Trump’s administration and sanctuary cities.

Two weeks ago, the president signed an executive order to withhold federal funding from cities that refuse to comply with the new immigration orders. The Full Frontal segment explains what sanctuary cities are — not places “where artists and the LGBTQ community seek sanctuary from the red states where they were born,” but cities where “undocumented people don’t have to live like animals.”

In other words, they’re places where local police won’t detain people who are undocumented simply because they’re in the country illegally, and won’t be so quick to turn them over to federal authorities. Basically, they’re places where police have pledged to act like human beings. “If that sounds reasonable and compassionate to you,” Bee said, “congratulations, you haven’t been watching Fox News for the past five years.”