Prince’s Warner Bros. Discography Will Be Available on Streaming Services From Sunday


There’s a big ol’ Prince tribute happening at the Grammys on Sunday (related: the Grammys are happening on Sunday, god help us), and his former label Warner Bros is happily cashing in by reinstating their portion of his back catalogue on all the big streaming music services. As per NPR, all of Prince’s Warner Bros. releases — a section of his discography that starts with his 1978 debut For You and extends through 1996’s Chaos and Disorder — will appear on Spotify, Apple Music, Napster, and other major streaming services on Sunday.

Given Prince’s well-documented aversion to a) streaming services and b) Warner Bros., it’s hard to imagine that he would have approved this move while he was alive, but sadly, he’s no longer here to argue the point. Still, if nothing else, this means that his wonderful music will be more widely available than ever to a new generation of fans, which is probably worth putting a few more millions into the pocket of his former record company, right?