A Film Promo Site That’s Fun [Geek News]


The sci-fi addicts over at io9 pointed us to the newly-launched Web site for Coraline, the first hand-made feature shot in 3-D which opens in theatres on February 6th. The Nightmare Before Christmas‘s Henry Selick directs and it’s based on Neil Gaiman’s children’s story about a little girl who walks through a door in her house only to discover a better, alternate reality where people have buttons instead of eyes.

Yes, it’s a weird premise (naturally). Yes, you’ll spend the next half hour on the site playing in Coraline’s world (the scary attention to detail hints at why it took years for the project to be completed), lusting after the downloadable wallpaper in her bedroom and “sewing” button eyes over your own pictures in the “Other Mother Workshop”. Yes, you need to see this movie when it comes out in February, and you might need to be wearing a pair of limited-edition Nike Coraline Dunks (animator Travis Knight is related to Phil) when you do.

Check out the film’s creepy trailer here.