Not Everything Sucks, Because J.K. Rowling Steamrolled Piers Morgan on Twitter This Weekend


Alternate Headline: World’s Most Beloved Author Mocked Two-Bit Sexist T.V. Hack This Weekend.

The context: On Bill Maher on Friday night, Australian comedian Jim Jeffries was so galled by Piers Morgans’ well-documented Trump apologism, that Jeffries felt compelled to give him the middle finger and tell him to fuck off on live TV.

This vulgar yet necessary behavior doth pleaseth one Harry Potter scribe and angry Twitter denizen J.K. Rowling.

When the thin-skinned acolyte of the tiny-handed Orange One began to whine on the self-same Twitter, a behavior he evinces so well and so often, Rowling showed no mercy despite being ever-so-successful compared to her dullard, dimwitted sparring partner.


We might just forgive Jo Rowling for killing off all those characters in the final Harry Potter.