The Flavorwire Merch Guide to ’90s Teen Movies


Well, look what the kitty dragged in. The beloved high-school black comedy Jawbreaker will be making a return — to the small screen. In 1999, Jawbreaker writer and director Darren Stein introduced us to three of the most popular girls at Reagan High who ruled the school and dealt in (accidental) death by gigantic candy. Now, Stein is set to co-write and executive produce a television remake of the movie for E!. “The adaptation follows a new clique whose world is rocked by an accidental killing at a bachelorette party,” writes Deadline. “The incident sets in motion an audacious, juicy soap in which the women will go to great lengths to keep their secret hidden.” With cult teen ‘90s movies on the brain, we went shopping for some fun march that pays homage to the best ‘90s kids on film.


“I killed the teen dream. Deal with it.” $10

Cruel Intentions

Get your own Manchester Prep patch (authentic, made for the film). Just make sure you keep your slam book under lock and key. $14

The Virgin Suicides

For the stone foxes. $18

10 Things I Hate About You

“There’s a difference between like and love.” $7

The Craft

Be a Nancy. $29


Buy this pillow, because you want to do something for humanity. $20

Never Been Kissed

Honor your Josie Grossie side. $20

Pump Up the Volume

“Talk hard!” $20


“What’s your favorite scary movie?” $2

American Pie

Band camp 4 eva. $17