Watch a Clip of St Vincent’s Strange, Surreal Debut Short Film ‘The Birthday Party’


Songwriter, kickass guitarist, fashion icon, and now filmmaker: the number of strings on Annie Clark’s bow is increasing steadily as her career progresses. Clark — best known, of course, for her music released under the name St Vincent — has directed a short film called The Birthday Party, a clip from which you can watch below. Sadly, the film is not about Nick Cave and Co. (and nor is it an adaptation of the Harold Pinter play of the same name, which Cave and Rowland S. Howard may or may not have swiped for their band) — it’s part of horror anthology series XX, and catalogues an eight-year-old girl’s decidedly surreal birthday party, and features a menacing giant anthropomorphic panda (which for some reason recalled Donnie Darko’s Frank, at least to this viewer.) The clip premiered on Pitchfork, and is now on YouTube: