Police Called on Mykki Blanco Because Airplane Passenger Felt “Uncomfortable”


On Friday, performer Mykki Blanco fell asleep on a flight from Toronto to Detroit and woke up the subject of a police investigation. Blanco called the incident “the most bizarre form of homophobia [they] have ever encountered.” The acclaimed artist was threatened with an FBI report by police after the passenger seated next to Blanco complained he was “uncomfortable.” Blanco also shared on Twitter that the officer threatened jail time if the artist continued asking questions and complaining. Delta was the airline — and they don’t exactly have a clear record when it comes to handling cases of racist, inappropriate behavior. The company did respond on Twitter, but it’s still unclear if there will be any follow through in Blanco’s legitimately upsetting case. “I honestly can’t believe what my eyes are reading,” the airline tweeted. Read their full response, below.