Report: Milo Yiannopoulos Has Quit Breitbart


It appears that Milo Yiannopoulos’s swift fall from grace is complete, with news that he has resigned from Breitbart News in the wake of a leaked video wherein he makes favorable comments about pedophilia. The video has already cost Yiannopoulos his book deal and his speaking slot at CPac, and now New York Times media writer Michael M. Grynbaum has posted a screencap of a press release, apparently issued by Yiannopoulos himself, announcing his resignation from Breitbart News. This is as yet unconfirmed by any other source, but we’ll update this if we hear anything more concrete.

Edit: In a curious coincidence, it turns out that Yiannopoulos’s press conference is in the very same building as Flavorwire’s offices. Sadly, once they heard where we were from, his people wouldn’t let us into the room. Freedom of speech, y’all!