Arca Does a Morbid Dance in Jesse Kanda-Directed “Anoche” Video


Another song from Arca’s self-titled upcoming album has been shared, accompanied by an expectedly mesmeric and artfully unpleasant video by Jesse Kanda, whose visuals have served as a consistently integral part of Alejandro Ghersi’s vision as Arca.

Like “Piel” (a track Arca released earlier this week), this new one, “Anoche,” features him singing in Spanish in a hymnal falsetto. The vocal clarity on these two tracks is arresting, particularly since it comes from musician known for his menacing electronic compositions, and his skittering collaborations with the likes of Kanye, Björk, and FKA twigs. (Incidentally, the “Anoche” lyric “Anoche te añoré/Aunque no te he conocido aun” seems a morose reference to Björk’s upbeat 90s track “I Miss You.”) The track is mostly driven by out-of-tune piano and Arca’s voice, before a shuffling beat attempts to bind the track’s liquid air of sadness into more defined shapes.

The video, meanwhile, sees the musician in a ghostly mankini and leather corset, with a gash in his leg, performing an intimate dance over a herd of corpses.


Arca will be released on April 7.