Jordan Peele Talks ‘Get Out’ in a Spoiler-Heavy New Interview


Seen Get Out this weekend? Have some questions? This spoiler-heavy interview with writer/director Jordan Peele is for you. (H/T IndieWire.)

Get Out, the racially-charged horror film written and directed by the former Key & Peele co-star, had a majorly successful opening weekend: The movie, made for just $5 million, took in over $30 million since opening on Friday, and got rave reviews. The immediate success and tonal confidence of the film is all the more exciting when you consider it’s the 38-year-old’s directorial debut. In his review, Flavorwire’s film editor, Jason Bailey, wrote that the film “shakes the theater like an earthquake.”

Peele recently sat down for an interview with ScreenJunkies to explain the film’s big twist and discuss its themes and influences. So it goes without saying that you should most definitely wait until after you’ve seen the movie — and you should most definitely see this movie — to watch the interview; the spoilers come charging right out of the gate.

“I love this idea of the social thriller,” Peele says, “and that the worst monster that you can explore in a horror movie is human beings themselves.” Watch the full interview below.