Sean Ono Lennon and Willow Smith Share a Song Lennon Wrote with Carrie Fisher


Sean Ono Lennon has shared a song he wrote alongside the late Carrie Fisher, recorded with Willow Smith. The musician wrote on Soundcloud:

Carrie and I wrote this song years ago. When she died I just felt I had to record it. This is only a demo unmixed, we only had a few hours to record it. But the lyrics she wrote with me I think are marvelous. Carrie and I used to stay up til dawn chatting and pontificating about life. They were my best moments. Anyway… we wrote a song about staying up too late and hearing the birds sing. Willow Smith is a prodigal angel and was generous enough to lend her golden voice to this little tune.

The track is titled “Bird Song,” and features Lennon and Smith’s voices layered in dizzy, swelling harmonies.

Following Fisher’s death in late 2016, Lennon wrote on Instagram that the actress/author/playwright was “was one of the best and closest friends [he’d] ever had in [his] life.” In a separate post, he’d added, “Just want to mention because I forgot to say earlier that regarding the trials and tribulations of being a son or daughter of celebrities, no one helped or inspired me more than Carrie Fisher. She was a super nova of talent and good character. She made the impossible seem effortless–of course thinking twice as fast as everyone else didn’t hurt…Carrie and I even wrote a song or two together. I’m going to find them and put them out if it makes sense.”

Here’s the fruit of the collaboration, first in the writing with Fisher, then in the final song with Smith: