Tim Burton Will Probably Waste Eva Green in Another Movie


For those of us without a personal stake, the worst thing about the Helena Bonham Carter/Tim Burton breakup was looking back at their time together and realizing how many good years Bonham Carter had spent making shitty Tim Burton movies. Now, her apparent replacement as emo filmmaking muse, the marvelous Eva Green, is going down the same road, reportedly circling a leading role in Burton’s altogether unnecessary remake of Disney’s Dumbo.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Green is in talks to play one of four human leads in the live-action version of the Disney classic, which will “expand and deepen the circus aspect of the story,” hew boy. Green will play a trapeze artist; the circus owner is the villain. It will certainly all be very dark and intense, yet quirky!

This will mark Green’s third collaboration with Burton, following 2012’s terrible Dark Shadows and last year’s terrible Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. She’s also starring as Virginia Woolf, opposite Gemma Arterton’s Vita Sackville-West, in Vita and Virginia, so at least we’ve got that to look forward to.