Watch the Trailer for Christophe Honoré’s Modern Adaptation of Ovid’s ‘Metamorphoses’


From the extreme Freudian cringe-worthiness of Ma Mère to the charming modern musical Love Songs to the era-transcending Beloved to the intimate, François Sagat-starring Man at Bath, it’s hard to know what to expect next from French director Christophe Honoré.

And his latest movie (well: sort of — it was actually doing the festival circuit back in 2014), from the just-released trailer, looks as unexpected as one might…expect. The film is a modern adaptation of Ovid’s Metamorphoses — which of course sounds daunting, given just how many myths (over 250, spanning 15 books) that collection contains, spanning the beginning of earthly time to the death of Julius Caesar. But the epic-ness of the epic looks to actually translate to something of relatively modest weirdness here.

The film follows a high schooler named Europa (played by Amira Akili), who cuts class and ventures through various elements of the myths across the film’s three parts, guided by the “magnetic” Jupiter in an eight-wheel truck. Along the way, she becomes familiar with Bacchus and Orpheus, and per the official description, “as the confrontation between seductive, yet vengeful gods and innocent mortals unfolds, Europa grasps a greater sense of life and love.”

Metamorphoses opens in NYC on March 23 and LA on March 24.

Watch the trailer:

[h/t Indiewire]