Watch Kate McKinnon, Ilana Glazer, Zoë Kravitz and Scarlett Johansson Deal with a Very Funny Murder


A new movie, whose trailer was just released, stars Kate McKinnon, Ilana Glazer, Zoë Kravitz, Scarlett Johansson, and Jillian Bell; I could probably stop right here, and this thing would sound worth seeing based on its cast alone. But given that it’s written by Broad City scribes Lucia Aniello (who directs) and Paul W. Downs (City‘s overzealous gym coach, Trey Pucker), it’s clearly worth continuing.

Other enticing factors: the film, formerly very literally titled Rock That Body (honestly, I wish it still were) is about the five women — former college best friends — reuniting, reminiscing, then doing a lot of cocaine and trying to deal with the accidental-murder-by-too-much-enthusiastic-mounting of a male stripper at a bachelorette party. It looks like The Hangover meets Bridesmaids meets Weekend at Bernie’s. Exhibit a.:

and b.

Also, McKinnon has an Australian accent in it. You’ll be able to hear more of it on June 16. In the meantime, here’s the red band trailer: