Watch Samantha Bee Sum Up the Trump Administration’s “Bananas” Week


Samantha Bee and the Full Frontal team returned last night after a short hiatus to check in on “America’s one-man white supremacist employment program,” a.k.a., the United States government. Bee dove into “the week that WTF” — namely, Trump’s first speech to Congress and the glowing reaction from TV news pundits, swiftly followed by the news that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had met with the Russian ambassador during the campaign, something he denied in his confirmation hearing in January.

After the Congress speech, Bee said, “The pundits rained golden compliments down on him in the warmest shower he’s ever had outside of Moscow.” But of course, the so-called victory didn’t last long, as the news about Sessions’s contact with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak leaked the next day — followed, of course, by Trump’s baseless Twitter accusation that the Obama administration ordered a wiretap on Trump Tower during the campaign.

“Oh, that’s new,” Bee remarked. “White guy shoots himself in the dick, tries to pin it on a black guy? When has that ever happened?”

In case the events of last week are hazy in your memory — the nightmare circus that is the Trump presidency seems to have warped our perception of time — that accusation originated with conservative radio host/ conspiracy-theory monger Mark Levin, who floated the idea that Obama has been planning a “silent coup.”

“Just one of those classic coups where a president uses the might of the government to spy on an opponent, and then doesn’t release any of the information he found, lets the other guy win, and then isn’t president anymore? Classic coup! Exactly what that word means!” Watch the full video below: