Nicki Minaj Releases Not One But Three Remy Ma Diss Tracks; A Nation Edges Toward the Door


If the whole Nicki Minaj/Remy Ma beef has proven anything, it’s that quality is inversely proportional to quantity. “ShETHER”, Remy Ma’s initial, out-of-nowhere broadside at Nicki, was, as the kids say, 🔥🔥🔥. (“Stupid ass/ You literally got a stupid ass” is probably the funniest lyric of the year so far.) The follow-up, “Another One,” felt like it featured all the lines cut from “ShETHER” for not being funny/biting enough, and also felt far more like a cry for (continuing) attention than its predecessor. And now, finally, weeks later, Minaj has responded to Remy’s lyrical assault with not one but three tracks, all of which can be summarized neatly by the word “meh.”

All three are available on Tidal exclusively, naturally, because nothing says “spontaneous, straight-from-the-heart, and raw af” like setting up a deal with a large streaming company — nothing, perhaps, except taking the time and trouble to create a lyric video for one of the tracks. That video, for “No Frauds,” is amusingly self-censored — “SH*T”, “PU$$Y”, etc — and also goes so far as to spell out the track’s lyrical double entendres. “I woulda helped you out that pit you fell in/felon” is pretty good, I guess; “I am DeGeneres/the generous queen/ Just ask Ellen” is… less so. “No Frauds” features Drake — for that added street cred, presumably — and Lil Wayne.

The other tracks are, y’know, tracks. Can this be over now?