New Trailer for ‘American Gods’ Reveals a Cast of Violently Angry Deities


A new trailer for Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller and Michael Greene’s TV adaptation of the acclaimed contemporary-mythological novel, American Gods, has been released, and there’s quite a bit to take in. The first trailer for the Neil Gaiman-based series, released a couple weeks back, introduced us to the story in much the same way the series will surely develop: first delving into the back-story of the protagonist, Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle), a man who gets released from prison three days following the deaths of his wife and best friend, and becomes the assistant/bodyguard of sorts to the mysterious Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane), who’s actually a Norse God (duh). Watching that first trailer, which I’ll place just below, is kind of key if you want to make any sense of the second. Though, if you’re content watching a bunch of scattered images of, say, a flame-eyed buffalo, a bloodied girl carrying her own severed arm, and a frighteningly cute (and thus perfectly cast) Kristin Chenoweth, go ahead and skip down below. So yes, here’s your introduction:

And now to the second, just released trailer:

In this new trailer, we see Mr. Wednesday introducing his Godliness to Shadow Moon, and then we see what the series/book end up really being about: a war between ancient mythological Gods whose powers are dwindling, and new American Gods — ones who’ve been engendered by people’s own beliefs. (Gods like Media — played by (an unfortunately here unseen) Gillian Anderson — and the Technical Boy, a scary teenager we see blowing smoke rings in a limo.) And then many crazy things happen…and then we wait until April 30 when this show debuts on Starz.

[Via EW]