Listen: Angel Olsen Covers “Who’s Sorry Now” for ‘The Man in the High Castle’s’ Concept Soundtrack


Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle has enlisted an impressive roster of musicians to contribute to what NPR calls its “conceptual soundtrack” — an album called Resistance Radio: The Man In The High Castle Album. The album is comprised of music you might find playing in the neutral zone in a Philip K. Dick-reimagined post-WWII United States, divided up by the axis powers. It’s in this neutral zone that a resistance movement to the Imperial Japan-governed West Coast and Nazi Germany-governed East Coast is arising, and so this album, alas, is the soundtrack to their movement.

And their movement happens to have gathered some bafflingly contemporary musicians — Angel Olsen, Sharon Van Etten, Kevin Morby, Karen O, Beck, Norah Jones, Michael Kiwanuka, and the Shins — to add sound to their cause, produced by noted post-WWII rebels Danger Mouse and Sam Cohen. Olsen’s track, a cover of Tin Pan Alley’s “Who’s Sorry Now” (which became known through a recording by Connie Francis) was just shared today.

The concept for the album has been fleshed out with an entire Resistance Radio website. (The notion of an Amazon-backed “resistance” anything — beyond perhaps a resistance to independent bookstores and labor unions — is of course a bit laughable, even in a fictional alternate reality.)

“Hijacking the airwaves, a secret network of DJs broadcast messages of hope to keep the memory of a former America alive. Using music to hearten the spirits of the hopeless, they play bootleg songs that are performed and played in makeshift studios with obsolete equipment,” reads a statement on the ornate marketing platform/pirate radio website.

Listen to Olsen’s version of the song (which fits pretty excellently with some of her vintage country-infused songwriting, particularly from Burn Your Fire for No Witness):

The album is out April 7.

Watch the video for Pops, off Olsen’s fantastic 2016 album My Woman: