GIFs of Buster Keaton’s Courageous Stunts in Silent Cinema


This weekend kicked off a new series at cinema haven Metrograph, featuring the film works of silent star Buster Keaton. “Real craftsmanship doesn’t age and nowhere is this truer than in the films of Buster Keaton, where every pratfall is a marvel of precision engineering made to endure for generations,” writes the movie house. This meticulous attention to detail truly does shine in Keaton’s fearless stuntwork. Keaton broke his neck during the making of Sherlock Jr. (he didn’t know it until nine years later) and left himself mere inches to survive a collapsing house in Steamboat Bill Jr. But Keaton always made sure his acting prowess was front and center, boosting his incredible athleticism with unforgettable characters. “Stuntmen don’t get laughs,” he once said. We’re highlighting a few of Keaton’s most death-defying stunts in GIF form; Metrograph’s Buster Keaton series runs through March 26.