Watch An Increasingly Frustrated Keegan-Michael Key in This Exclusive Clip from Tonight’s Episode of ‘Detroiters’


One of the greatest joys of Comedy Central’s Detroiters is watching best friends and business partners Tim Cramblin (Tim Robinson) and Sam Duvet (Sam Richardson) go after prospective clients as if they were a pair of Mad Men era advertising behemoths — as opposed to small-time Detroit ad men who make TV commercials for local businesses with names like Smith’s Baby and Teen Kid Furniture.

In this exclusive clip from tonight’s episode, “Smilin’ Jack,” Tim and Sam pitch the owner of a local furniture store — played by Key & Peele‘s Keegan-Michael Key — after Irv and Doris, the elderly owners of the aforementioned children’s furniture store, sever ties with Tim and Sam’s agency due to lack of funds. In retaliation, the pair hatches a plan to sell their services to the owner of Smilin’ Jacks Furniture, Irv and Doris’s main competition, whose billboards are attracting some creative graffiti. Watch the clip below, and tune into Comedy Central at 10:30 p.m. for the full episode.