[UPDATED] The U.S. President Appears to Have Been Upset By Something Called Kittenfeed.com


The fragility of Donald Trump’s ego has been well-documented, but even so, given that he has spent seven decades on this earth, is the President of the most powerful country in the world, is vastly wealthy — not as vastly wealthy as he says he is, but still, he’s got a lot more cash than you or me — and is also getting closer to impeachment with every passing day, you’d think that perhaps he might not be concerned by a 17-year-old making a website wherein you can scratch at a virtual version of his face with a virtual cat’s paw.

Nope. NOPE. Our President has thus far refrained from tweeting about kittenfeed.com, the creation of a San Francisco teenager by the name of Lucy, but his lawyers have sent her two cease-and-desist letters about the site — as per the Hollywood Reporter, the first claimed her site “infringed on the ‘internationally known and famous’ Trump trademark” for using the word “trump” in its original URL, and the second was upset about her linking to an anti-Trump t-shirt on Amazon. Unsurprisingly, the result of all this is a perfect example of the Streisand effect: kittenfeed.com is now taking forever to load, which suggests its servers are getting a whole lot more traffic than they expected.

Lucy, meanwhile, had this to say about the whole silly business: “I really just want people to be aware that this is a president who’s clearly more concerned about what people think of him than doing things of substance. The fact that as president he still has teams going around bothering to shut down silly sites like mine is outrageous… A president should not have the time or care to hire people to shut sites like mine down. He should be running the country, not tweeting about TV ratings or anything else like that.” The kids are alright.

UPDATE: Because everything is terrible and nothing is real, it appears that this is *deep breath* FAKE NEWS. As pointed out by a reader, and per Snopes and Gizmodo, there are significant doubts about the authenticity of the cease-and-desist letter presented by “Lucy” and of the timeline that she presented as to the registration of the trumpsratch.com URL. We apologize for the error, and for being taken in by what is apparently a hoax.