Hear Blondie’s New Track “Long Time,” Written by Blood Orange


Blondie’s upcoming album, Pollinator, boasts a long list of collaborators, one of whom is Blood Orange (Dev Hynes) — and today they released the track they made with the musician/producer. In many ways they seem like likely partners — a band whose identity is inseparable from the late 70s/early 80s meeting a musician whose music is a contemporary patchwork of 70s/80s sounds. (Speaking of which, Debbie Harry appeared on Blood Orange’s Freetown Sound, on the track “E.V.P.”) And, indeed, the song, titled “Long Time,” sees Blondie immersed in their sonic past.

The track was written by Hynes (and according to a press release, intentionally “channels” “Heart of Glass”) for the band’s 11th album, which will be released on May 5. Other artists who contributed to the album include Charli XCX, Laurie Anderson, Johnny Marr, Joan Jett, and Sia. Prior to “Long Time,” the band shared “Fun,” which they made with TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek, and “My Monster,” their track made with Marr.

Listen to “Long Time”:

[Via Fact Magazine]