What Does the Leaked Eclipse Script Mean for the Twlight Franchise?


Big news for Twihards: It seems that Jasper Hale (actor Jackson Rathbone), Edward Cullen’s adoptive vegetarian vampire brother, either lost or threw away an early version of the script for the third movie, Eclipse, and now everyone is freaking out because there’s a downloadable PDF version floating around online.

E! Online is suggesting that the leaked script could lead to awards, but they don’t really explain why because that’s crazy talk. Hollywood blogger Nikki Finke, as always, put things more in perspective:

Does it matter? Of course not. Like duh, the script is based on Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling book. Judging from New Moon’s worldwide grosses of $682M so far, I say not even this copyright infringement can stop the Twilight Saga juggernaut.

There you go. So far none of our favorite websites are providing any juice on what the script contains because they’re all “afraid of getting a virus.” Or more likely, getting in trouble with Summit Entertainment. We’re just scared of the Mormon propaganda. Instead, we suggest you read this hilarious (yet spoiler-ridden) blog post about why Breaking Dawn must be made into a movie. It involves Jacob falling in love with a baby.