Watch Sibling Rivalry Intensify Between Different-Wigged Ewan McGregors in First Full Trailer for ‘Fargo’s’ Third Season


FX has released bounteous Fargo Season 3 teasers — all few-second clips featuring main characters doing banal things, filmed with the trademark creepy/quaint deadpan of the anthology series. Finally, the network has released the full trailer for the season, which airs on April 19 — and it looks a bit more mischievous, and perhaps somewhat less foreboding than the previous season. (Though it was tweeted by FX with the caption, “it’s a tragedy, ya know.”)

The trailer gives us further insight into the sibling rivalry between the two central characters — both played by Ewan McGregor — and also into their different wigs. (One McGregor so curly! Other McGregor so combed over!) We find out, for instance, that combed-over McGregor (Ray Stussy) is upset with his far-more successful “Parking Lot King of Minnesota” brother, Emmit Stussy, aka curly McGregor, because he “still owe[s him] from what happened when [they] were kids.” Alas, what happened when they were kids remains a mystery.

Ray has a girlfriend — Nikki Swango (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), who, as per the official description, is an “alluring recent parolee with a passion for competitive bridge.” She boosts his ego by telling him he’s “twice the man [his] brother is,” and enlists him in “kicking ass” via high stakes gambling. Then, someone is brutally killed, and we see a certain Detective Gloria Burgle — played by the excellent Carrie Coon — wandering around investigating something, presumably related in some way to that brutal killing.

Watch the trailer: