Gillian Anderson Appears as David Bowie in ‘American Gods’ Photo


Gillian Anderson — and all of the many faces she dons — was notedly absent from the recent trailers for American Gods. But, images of two of the roles she assumes as the shape-shifting god, Media, were previously released, and people who consume pop culture media desperately searching for images of Gillian Anderson in wigs have likely already seen her as Marilyn Monroe. But now, through a website (in Portuguese) called Omelete, an image of Anderson as Media as David Bowie has also been shared. (Head to the egg-titled site to see it.)

The photo, the website notes, originally appeared on the Twitter account of a journalist at Indiewire, but was then deleted. The creator of the series, Hannibal‘s Bryan Fuller, previously tweeted the upper right corner of Anderson’s Bowie Face:

A sleuthing fan identified all of the Anderson-faces, including Monroe, Lucy Ricardo, Bowie, and Judy Garland.

Media is, in the Neil Gaiman novel on which the series is based (and in the series itself), the “new Goddess” of television. By new Goddess, that’s to say a Goddess who’s been engendered by contemporary collective American desires. As opposed to the Old Gods, engendered by religion and myth, the new Gods are a result of new forms of religiousness — like that to which people devote themselves to TV and celebrity. Media thereby takes the form of assorted icons, as seen above.

American Gods premieres on Starz on April 30.