John Cho to Play Billy Eichner’s Boyfriend in ‘Difficult People’ Season 3


I would’ve been thrilled just to hear that Hulu has set a premiere date for the third season of its original comedy Difficult People, created by Julie Klausner. Instead, we’ve been blessed with even more exciting news: John Cho will have a recurring role on the third season as Billy’s (Billy Eichner) boyfriend, Deadline reports.

If you haven’t seen the show (what’s wrong with you?!), it’s centered on Billy and Julie (Klausner), two egotistical showbiz strivers in New York City who love each other and hate almost everyone else. While Julie has a long-term, live-in boyfriend, played by James Urbaniak, Billy is a serial dater who’s never had a real boyfriend. (I swear to Amy Sherman-Palladino I wrote that sentence before discovering that John Cho has a movie coming out next year called Serial Dater .)

Cho, known for his breakout role in 2004’s Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle and, more recently, the rebooted Star Trek films, will play Todd, Billy’s first serious boyfriend. According to Deadline, the two hook up after engaging in a prank war from which neither will back down; Season 3 will explore their coupledom and Billy’s attempt to balance his relationship with Todd with his true soulmate, Julie. Hulu has yet to set a premiere date, but expect the new season to land sometime this summer.