Listen to the New Kendrick Lamar Track, “The Heart Part IV”


On Thursday, we — like the rest of the internet — speculated that there might be a new Kendrick Lamar song en route. We — like the rest of the internet — were correct! Lamar released a new track late yesterday afternoon, and it sees him taking aim squarely at Donald Trump. “The Heart Part 4” — the latest in a long-running series — describes Trump as a “chump” (a surprisingly underutilized rhyme, when you think about it), and addresses the ever-widening divide between rich and poor in America. Lamar, the track suggests, can relate to both sides: “House on the hill, house on the beach, nigga/ A condo in Compton, I’m still in reach.” And his vision for the future of humanity as a whole isn’t a particularly rosy one: “The world,” he pronounces halfway through the second verse, “goin’ mad.” Is it ever. Oh, and finally, it also teases the release date of a new album: “Y’all got ’til April the 7th to get y’all shit together.”

Listen here: