The Flavorpill Mixtape VIII: Yeasayer, Fleet Foxes, The XX, and More


A new year brings newly flipped leaves, new beginnings. However, this is a new decade. Does that mean ten different flipped leaves then? Ten spiritual rebirths? Or maybe that kind of thinking is just too long-term and you prefer living in the present, like us. And just like any other voracious early adopters, you need to satisfy your indie fix now. That’s what we thought, ergo, your latest Flavorpill Mixtape. Here’s to having your own private listening party with 10 new releases and many a reincarnation to help spur your own “winter awakening.”

1. Rogue WaveGood Morning

A wake-up brew of incorrect first impressions. What used to be straight indie rock has somehow taken on the shape of more dance-able “physical music” as a means for Zach Rogue to pass on the sensation of regaining bodily function (after a back accident) to his eager audience. What a sharing-is-caring kind of guy. Their new album, Permalight, is out on March 2.

2. Old CanesLittle Bird Courage

If you were ever intimidated by the howling wind or the wind tunnels created by two sandwiching skyscrapers, give this olfactory courage a little listen. A solo project for the frontman of The Appleseed Cast, Old Canes released their album last year with reassuring lines like “When I’m thirsty/You are the fountain/In the face of danger/I’m not afraid.” Maybe it is liquid courage, after all.

3. DelphicDoubt

This Mancunian electro-pop outfit had its humble beginnings as Snowfight in the City Centre, but have now reached critical mass with their new body. This song, a reworked version of an already-stellar demo, gives your ears quite a work-out. You might even break a sweat. Doubtful? Tell the cashier that when he or she is scanning your new album purchase on January 11, entitled Acolyte.

4. The XXIslands (Nosaj Thing Remix)

This reimagining of arguably one of the best tracks on their self-titled debut, “Islands” enters a spacier realm, substituting the traditional guitar-and-drums for synths and repercussive beats. The chorus is less effective with a more muted kick but it’s still an ethereal reboot, nevertheless.

5. Pastels/Tenniscoats Vivid Youth

Another slashy band, like plus/minus or PAS/CAL, makes them seem pretty unoriginal, yes? But this is actually a well-planned joint venture between Scottish indie poppers, Pastels, and Japanese pop duo, Tenniscoats, yielding a sunny slow-burn of ridiculously catchy riffs and dreamy vocals. Get nostalgic.

6. Fleet Foxes White Winter Hymnal (The Twelves Remix)

Having successfully remixed Metric, Black Kids and La Roux, The Twelves are on a streak, this time remastering the first single from Fleet Foxes’ eponymous debut more than a year ago. It’s like someone took the folky plug of the Foxes and found a suitable electronic outlet for it.

7. Egyptian Hip HopRad Pitt

If you are expecting a North African twist on spitting hotfire, then prepare to be disappointed. But not for long. Any misplaced concerns should be laid to rest with the blippy garage pop of this cleanly-shaven track. Wait, they’re only 17? Never mind about the cleanly-shaven part then. Maybe these Angloteens will eventually take cues from the man himself.

8. Surfer BloodFloating Vibes

The first track of their upcoming debut, Astro Coast, “Floating Vibes” is full of Beach Boys rockability. Is this perhaps what Weezer should have evolved into, instead of graduates with a bad raditude? Looks like there may be another Rivers in the making, floating nearby.

9. YeasayerO.N.E.

With the release of their single, “Ambling Alp”, Yeasayer has indeed been on the uphill of hills. Take a listen to the fifth track on their sophomore album, Odd Blood, slated for a February 9 release, although you may have already stumbled upon its leak? “No/you don’t move me anymore/and I’m glad that you don’t/cause I can’t have you anymore” is brutally honest enough to make your blood boil and sympathize with the band.

10. JavelinLindsay Brohan

What’s the deal with all this celebrity name-dropping, you may ask? Just listen to the first ten seconds and any pent-up iciness towards the twice-unfortunate starlet will melt away. This won’t be a testament to her failures (heightened security/turning down The Hangover) but rather a celebration of her successes (Parent Trap/Mean Girls).

Well that about wraps up your first mix of 2010. All this talk about it being the new decade, and we’re only one month in? Brace yourself, there are 119 left to go! Does that mean you should expect 119 more mixes in the nearer future? Perhaps.