Woman’s Uncanny Makeup Transformations Turn Her Into Iggy Pop, Bette Davis, and More


Italian makeup artist and painter Lucia Pittalis has the uncanny ability to transform her face into, well, just about anybody. We learned about the artist on Design You Trust, where we fell in love with her ode to some of music history and Hollywood’s finest. Many of her creations are based pop-culture icons — and Pittalis isn’t limited to just female makeup transformations. She makes a great Iggy Pop, Jack Sparrow, Lurch, and more. Meryl Streep with killer cheekbones? Check. Droopy-eyed Sylvester Stallone as Rambo? Check. Wild-haired Frank Zappa with his signature smirk? Check. You can also find her ode to politics with a Clinton/Trump makeover. Discover more of Pittalis’ work past the break.