Which Variation on the Snuggie Is Right For You?


There’s no debating that 2009 was the year of the Snuggie. TV personalities — from Oprah to Jimmy Fallon to the cast of the Today Show — endorsed the sleeved blanket. There were parodies, imitators, and pub crawls. Even fictional characters (we’re looking at you Liz Lemon) sang its praises. But as we all know, you can’t stay on top forever. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of possible contenders to takeover in 2010 where the Snuggie left off. Which one will you be wearing?

The Japanese Snuggie (or The Manket) It’s great if: You have no arms

The Lippi Selk Bag It’s great if: You’ve always found a sleeping bag too constraining for the Running Man

The Snuggie Sutra It’s great if: You’re a cold pervert

The Wuggie It’s great if: You can pull off leopard print in this silhouette — most of us can’t

The Booty Buddy Blanket It’s great if: You want to give another hipster smallpox

The Snuggle Suit It’s great if: You have a business meeting to attend — duh

The Snuggie for Dogs It’s great if: You’re a dog or very small-boned

The Peekaru It’s great if: You’re too lazy to lift up your shirt at Mardi Gras

The Pantalaine All-Handmade Couch Dress It’s great if: You’re a hoarder and looking to hide stuff