Joseph Gordon-Levitt Likely to Direct Musical Comedy Starring Channing Tatum


You’ve seen him hump the floor in Magic Mike. You’ve seen him as a homoerotic-tap-dancing sailor in Hail Caesar. And soon you shall see Channing Tatum do some more sexualized musical theater alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt, in a comedy musical that Variety just announced Gordon-Levitt may also be directing. The publication cites “sources” saying that the film will see “the duo covering Top 100 hits with a touch of adult humor.”

The film’s punny working title is Wingmen; Gordon-Levitt and Tatum happen to be playing pilots. But their plane, it turns out, crash lands in Vegas, and so a film’s worth of…presumably the type of chaos you see in other movies about Vegas, but with pop musical interludes, ensues.

As was announced last year, the film was picked up by Universal, following a pitch by Gordon-Levitt and 21 Jump Street writer Michael Bacall.

Tatum and Gordon-Levitt have appeared in a number of films together, and as /Film notes, this won’t be the first time two act together in a project (potentially) directed by Gordon-Levitt: Tatum had a cameo in his directorial debut, Don Jon.

Revisit Channing Tatum’s musical scene from Hail, Caesar! :

Here’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt singing “Baby It’s Cold Outside” with Lady Gaga: