Watch Louis C.K. Get Spiffy for His New Standup Special in the Trailer for ‘Louis C.K.: 2017’


He’s known for his trademark stage outfit of jeans and a black T-shirt, but in the new trailer for his upcoming special, Louis C.K. suits up.

Louis C.K.: 2017 marks a break from the veteran comedian’s recent habit of releasing his specials independently on his website. It’s his first new hour of standup since 2015’s Live at the Comedy Store and Live at Madison Square Garden (in 2015, C.K. became the first comic to sell out the legendary New York venue three times in the same tour). 2017 was filmed in Washington, D.C., which is appropriate considering C.K. looks more like he’s preparing for a campaign rally than a standup comedy routine; the trailer, which doesn’t tease any actual jokes from C.K.’s set, sees him exiting a limo and entering the backstage area of the venue, where he puts on a snappy suit and heads out to the adoring crowd that awaits him.

Louis C.K.: 2017 is just the first of two new specials that C.K. will release on Netflix this year. Eager to assert its dominance in the comedy world, Netflix has expanded its standup programming this year, releasing a new hour every week for the rest of 2017. Last week, the streaming giant heralded the comeback of Dave Chappelle by dropping two new specials on the same day (a third is on the way), and new material from Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld is on the way. Louis C.K.: 2017 is out Tuesday, April 4; watch the trailer below.