Watch the Very Italian (and Then Also Very New York) Trailer for ‘Master of None’s’ Second Season


Netflix has shared the trailer for the second season of Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang’s Master of None, which depicts Ansari’s character, Dev’s life following his decision to go to Italy to become master of at least one: pasta. In the Season 1 finale, Dev left Brooklyn (and his relationships in it) behind, at least for a while, to devote himself to the small bits of dough with sauce.

The second season of the series, which will return to Netflix on May 12, looks to go into his experiences both with the bits of dough with sauce in Italy — and beyond them when he returns to New York. According to an official description, it sees him “take on challenges in his personal and family life, a new career opportunity, and a complex, developing relationship with someone very meaningful to him.” (Which could also mostly be a description of Season 1, of course — but watch how pretty and Season 2-y the trailer it is!)

The trailer, which shows Ansari tasting cheese, jumping into a somehow Italian-looking pool, and scootering across the countryside with Eric Wareheim (as a previously released teaser had), also depicts Ansari once he’s back from his trip abroad, when presumably much of the stuff in the description comes into play.


Check out the posters for the season: