Gus Fring Returns With a Creepily Un-creepy Los Pollos Hermanos Employee Training Video


AMC has, for good reason, been playing up the return of Giancarlo Esposito’s Gustavo Fring, who had his face blown half-off in Breaking Bad, but who, due to the lovely time warp of Better Call Saul’s prequel-dom, is alive and full-faced once again. At the end of Saul‘s second season, a mysterious note appeared on Mike’s windshield, and seemed to be from none other than the gently deadly fast food chicken/crystal meth mogul who haunted the middle seasons of Breaking Bad. On top of that, the first letters of the names of the episodes of Season 2 spelled out “FRINGS BACK,” which some very astute viewers noted, and which was confirmed as intentional by creator Vince Gilligan. Then, way earlier this year, the network teased Fring’s return with a commercial for his chicken chain, Los Pollos Hermanos. And now that the series is soon to air the premiere of the third season, and now that pretty much everyone is aware of Esposito’s Fring reprisal, AMC has released an even longer bit of Pollos Hermanos-themed promotion: a 2-minute employee training video starring Fring.

In the video, Gustavo makes himself familiar with his trainees, kindly suggesting that they can call him Gus. He stresses the value of good communication skills, as well as comportment: “remember to stand up straight; your customers, and your back, will thank you for it.” And of course he firmly advocates appropriate attire — “if you want respect, you must look respectable.” There’s quick mention of a “side business” when Gus warns of things not to get distracted by, and a light threat that at his restaurant, “someone’s always watching.” Beyond that, the video from the murderous drug lord is exceedingly innocuous, and even mildly chipper — which is exactly what makes Gus Fring’s demeanor itself so creepy.

Watch the video:

The third season premieres April 10.