The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with Louis C.K.


After a brief break, Louis C.K. welcomes audiences back to SNL, marking his fourth time hosting the show. We expected a rowdier stand-up monologue, but C.K. still doesn’t waste time by diving into gags on race, privilege, and . . . bestiality. See how it all went down last night, below.

The Best

“Louis C.K. Standup Monologue”

“I’m supposed to get the best ’cause I’m white, which is awful and wrong — but where is it right now?!”

“The Lawyer”

Lawyer C.K. wins cases by fluttering his absurdly long lashes.

“Thank you, Scott”

We all have a Scott in our lives.

“Soda Shop”

Sam the soda jerk is a real jerk.

“Pepsi Commercial”

We have no doubt that something like this probably really happened.

“Weekend Update”

Cecilia Gimenez, the woman who royally botched that 1930 Jesus fresco repair, shares her opinion about that terrible Cristiano Ronaldo bust. RIP sculpture.

“Birthday Clown”

We can picture C.K. celebrating a birthday exactly like this for reals.

“Tenement Museum”

Kenan Thompson saves C.K.’s awful accent.

The Worst

“The O’Reilly Factor with Donald Trump”

The only reason to like this one is to see Alec Baldwin perform two characters, but the execution isn’t his usual flawless gig due to a pre-recorded Trump. All the off-the-cuff banter and chemistry is missing.


When you want to love something, but its eagerness to be really weird puts you off . . .

Musical Guest: The Chainsmokers