LeBron James Used Instagram to Preview Kendrick Lamar’s New Album, ‘DAMN.’


Damn. LeBron James got to DAMN. before any of us. But he’s been kind enough to share bits of Kendrick Lamar’s anticipated new album — presumably with permission — via an Instagram story. If you’re desperately curious to see what else is in store, beyond endlessly listening to the dizzyingly excellent “Humble” and “The Heart Part 4” (the latter released as a promotion; it’s not actually featured on the album), you can/should check out LeBron checking out Lamar’s latest. But if you can wait presumably until sometime tonight, you can just listen to it the real way, in its full, non-muffled, non-Instagrammed glory.

LeBron’s story (which he annotated with select lyrics and commentary) is in the YouTube video below. (The Instagram story can only be viewed on mobile.)

FACT Magazine points out that LeBron seems to be a consistent deliverer of Kendrick’s music. After the rapper’s 2016 Grammys performance, LeBron tweeted:

A week later, untitled unmastered was released. Coincidence?